Sugar Group Companies can be found in Lampung Province

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Sugar Group Companies does not have a plural name because the founder did not understand the basic precepts of English pluralization. This confuses people who do not know much about the company, but the explanation is actually pretty simple. Sugar Group Companies is not just one entity. Instead, it is a collection of businesses all gathered under one umbrella. These companies are gathered under the same name because they have mutual aims and are working within either the same industry or parallel industries. The goal of these companies, all operating in or near the sugar industry in Indonesia, is to successfully manufacture, distribute, and sell the commercially high-quality products they all participate in.

The companies that make up Sugar Group Companies are horizontally and vertically integrated. This allows the companies to work together seamlessly to accomplish their mutual goals. The various pieces that make up the Sugar Group Companies includes a number of subsidiary companies. The subsidiaries are entrusted with their own operations and responsibilities. Amongst those subsidiary companies that are part of Sugar Group Companies are PT Sweet Indolampung, PT Gula Putih Mataram, and PT Indolampung Parkasa. Each of these subsidiary companies serves an important function in the overall success of Sugar Group Companies.

The single most popular product created and sold by Sugar Group Companies is called “Gulaku”. It is a high quality, refined sugar, product that is well known throughout Indonesia. It is essentially a household name—it is that common. Most of the facilities used by Sugar Group Companies can be found in Lampung Province, which is where Sugar Group Companies is headquartered. This includes the sugar mills and plantations. However, there are also more than ten offices located all over Indonesia which helps to keep distribution channels running effectively for Sugar Group Companies.

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